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Gig Gloves Featured in This Week's Vnewsletter From Music & Sound Retailer

We're thrilled to share that Gig Gear LLC and Gig Gloves have been featured in this week's Music & Sound Retailer Vnewsletter, hosted by Jill Nicolini. The Retailer puts out a fantastic publication each month, and each week they produce a video newsletter with important products and stories of the week within the music products industry. Very happy to see that Gig Gloves can be included among the other great products that the Retailer features. Please do watch the whole report but if you want to see the feature on Gig Gloves go to approximately the 3:00 mark. 

Gig Gear LLC's Gig Gloves featured in the Vnewsletter hosted by Jill Nicolini.

A great song for a great cause, with special guest, 50 Cent!

Here's a chance to hear some great music and support an incredible cause at the same time. The band Men in My Head, for whom Gig Gear LLC founder, Danny Shatzkes, plays keyboards, just released a new single, Century Love. The song was recorded in collaboration with world renowned hip-hop artist, 50 Cent. Bandleader, Eddie Gindi, spearheaded the collaboration and also arranged for the release of the single to be sold in partnership with Century 21 Department Stores

All proceeds of the sale of the song, either via CD or download, will be donated to Tuesday's Children, an organization founded to promote long-term healing for all of those directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001.  

Men In My Head with 50 Cent at the release of their single, Century Love, at the Century 21 flagship store in lower Manhattan.

Men In My Head with 50 Cent at the release of their single, Century Love, at the Century 21 flagship store in lower Manhattan.

In 2013, Men in My Head partnered with Tuesday's Children for the first time with the release of their #1 hit single, Survivor Tree. That song spent 21 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart, and 23 weeks overall. The song also was the #1 best-selling CD single of 2013 in the US. In total, the sales of Survivor Tree raised $275,000 for Tuesday's Children.

The band, Century 21 and Tuesday's Children are all very excited to be working alongside 50 Cent this time around and everyone involved is anticipating that this collaboration will help to make Century Love be just as successful, and hopefully even more so, than Survivor Tree

Go ahead and purchase the song right now at the Century 21 website by clicking here.  

So you thought that in space no one can hear you scream? Think again...

In the category of, "Holy Bonzo, That's Frikkin Cool!" NASA has allowed us to hear excerpts of the sounds emitted from different celestial bodies that have been recorded by various NASA space probes. What's that you say? Space is a vacuum and therefore sound cannot travel in space? Well, yes, you're right. Sound waves cannot travel in space. But electromagnetic waves can. And NASA employed special sensors to record the electromagnetic waves emitted by a whole host of planets within the frequency range of human hearing (20 Hz - 20,000 Hz). And bada-bing...there you have it - space music. Well, kind of. Most everything sounds more like some kind of zen meditation-like synth pad. But it's still pretty incredible. In fact, I kinda think that the Rings of Saturn sound a good bit like the beginning of a Pink Floyd song. But you can judge for yourself. 

Check out the video here or just watch below.