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The reviews are in! And the verdict is....

Gig Gloves have been up on for a couple of weeks now and the reviews are starting to come in. And boy are they glowing! So far customers have been thrilled with the quality and functionality of Gig Gloves and the five star ratings are pouring in. Here are just a few of the comments:

"...These things are very durable and fit very well and give plenty of padding, protection and coverage. I am recommended these to the rest of the guys in the company and anyone else I see."

"...Gig Gloves are well made and comfortable, a great gift idea."

"...They aren't just for roadies or musicians these can be used for any type of work. They protect my hands in an excellent way and the quality is perfect!"

We knew you would love them and we'll keep working to bring you the best products and solutions for your daily gigs.