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Danny Shatzkes

Danny Shatzkes

Contact: info@gig-gear.com


Gig Gear LLC is a company that is focused on providing professionals in gigging & touring, live event & production, theater, and film & grip industries as well as musicians, DJ's, roadies, pro audio techs, A/V techs, and all other gigging professionals with novel products and solutions to make their jobs easier, safer, more efficient and more enjoyable. Gig Gear's first product line, Gig Gloves, offered an innovative solution for production pros to protect their hands properly while on the job and cemented Gig Gear’s reputation as a leader in the space. Gig Gear continues to focus on and innovate for the most important component in all areas of production - the human component.

Gig Gear's founder, Danny Shatzkes, has been working in the music and audio industries for over twenty years as a multi-instrumentalist, studio engineer and live sound engineer. He owns and runs a studio and production company and lives with his wife and five children in Brooklyn, NY. He has a BS degree from Brooklyn College and a Masters Degree in Music Technology from NYU.