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Gearing Up With...Josh Scovern, Stagehand

Josh Scovern working on the set of Marvel Universe LIVE! while wearing his Gig Gloves ONYX. 

Josh Scovern working on the set of Marvel Universe LIVE! while wearing his Gig Gloves ONYX. 

Stagehand Josh Scovern has been busy lately. The Elon University college student has worked on a variety of major shows passing through the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, including the Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic tour, Foo Fighters’ Concrete and Gold tour and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s 2017 tour. One thing helping Scovern get through his busy schedule? His Gig Gloves.

“I use my Gig Gloves to protect my hands for a number of tasks while working these productions,” Scovern said. “They are great for rigging as the grip and rigid material that they are made of help grip the rope while lifting heavy weight equipment and keep my hands safe when letting the point down on the out.”


Scovern said his Gig Gloves also help him when building truss.

“Gig Gloves in my opinion are crucial to have when I’m building truss either as the grid tech or the stagehand,” he said. “When building truss the protective outer part on the tops of your hands keep your knuckles and fingers safe when that inevitable slip happens with the crescent wrench and bolt.”

His Gig Gloves also protect his hands when pushing heavy and sometimes sharp road cases.

“Many of the boxes and cases for bands have sharp objects sticking off of them,” he explained. “The tough material of my Gig Gloves really helps with keeping my hands safe from puncture while transporting to and from the truck or the arena.”

Scovern’s favorite aspect about his Gig Gloves? Their fit.

“The usability of the fingers while wearing them or with the removable fingers taken off,” he said. “The size large Gig Gloves conforms to my hand almost perfectly making it easy to do very nimble finger tasks like tying up P.A. with rope to keep it from twisting or tying the bowline knot while rigging. I don't even have to take my fingers out of the protectors often because the gloves conform so well.”


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