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Gearing Up With...Edmundo Cid, Film Grip

Edmudo Cid, film grip, on the job. 

Edmudo Cid, film grip, on the job. 

Film grip Edmundo Cid will soon be moving his career from his native Puerto Rico to New York City. One item in his arsenal he’ll be sure to take with him? His Gig Gloves.

While on the set as a non-union film grip and electric, Cid relies on his Gig Gloves when he’s in front of 5- to 10-ton grip trucks asking for combos, tracks, highwalkers, frames, bandits, stingers and other heavy equipment.

“My Gig Gloves help me keep my best asset — my hands — safe and clean,” explained Cid, adding that the Gloves’ resistance to temperature is another must-have feature when handling and moving hot lamps. “Whenever I’m on a hot set, I try to grab and go as fast as I can so we can start shooting. These gloves allow me to be able to do that without having to worry about burning myself.”

His favorite feature?

“The naked fingertips,” Cid said. “This feature delivers the perfect contrast between good grip and detail which was the issue I had with all my other work gloves before I found Gig Gloves. Gig Gloves let you do the job without wasting time by having to take your gloves off and put them back on again when having to complete smaller, exact tasks.”

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