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So you thought that in space no one can hear you scream? Think again...

In the category of, "Holy Bonzo, That's Frikkin Cool!" NASA has allowed us to hear excerpts of the sounds emitted from different celestial bodies that have been recorded by various NASA space probes. What's that you say? Space is a vacuum and therefore sound cannot travel in space? Well, yes, you're right. Sound waves cannot travel in space. But electromagnetic waves can. And NASA employed special sensors to record the electromagnetic waves emitted by a whole host of planets within the frequency range of human hearing (20 Hz - 20,000 Hz). And bada-bing...there you have it - space music. Well, kind of. Most everything sounds more like some kind of zen meditation-like synth pad. But it's still pretty incredible. In fact, I kinda think that the Rings of Saturn sound a good bit like the beginning of a Pink Floyd song. But you can judge for yourself. 

Check out the video here or just watch below.