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Gearing Up With...Steve Younkins

Steve Younkins at work with his always accessible pair of Gig Gloves ONYX

Steve Younkins at work with his always accessible pair of Gig Gloves ONYX

Steve Younkins may be best known for his theatre techwebcomic Q2Q Comics, but without his Gig Gloves his day job as the audio supervisor at Stages St. Louis would make drawing much more difficult.

“They are valuable because they would allow me to push road cases all day and still be able to come home and draw without pain and blisters,” said Younkins.

As an audio engineer, Younkins said his Gig Gloves are most helpful during load-in and strike, but they have also saved his hands when he’s on work calls as an electrician, pushing scenery as a stagehand and even running the fly.

“They've got protection in all the right places, especially between my thumb and index finger, and the [Gig Gloves ONYX] come in all black, a huge selling point for backstage crew,” Younkins said, adding that the finger tip openings have been invaluable for him as well.

“Most of the gear I have to work with is either delicate, finely responsive or freakin' tiny, so it saves a little bit of time when I can fiddle with something without having to take the gloves off and put them back on,” he said. “One of the consoles I work with has a touchscreen that the touch sensitive pads don't work on, so being able to use my finger tips comes in handy there, too.”

Younkins said he has a pair original Gig Gloves in his everyday kit and pair of the Gig Gloves ONYX with his stagehand gear.

“They're usually clipped to me all day when I'm not wearing them, just in case,” he said.


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