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Gearing Up With...DJ Brent Schmidt

DJ Brent Schmidt on the job wearing his Gig Gloves ONYX. 

DJ Brent Schmidt on the job wearing his Gig Gloves ONYX. 

Summer is almost here and wedding season is right around the corner, meaning it’s Cleveland-based DJ Brent Schmidt’s busy season.

As a mobile DJ, Brent’s hands are his tools. When it comes to carrying heavy DJ gear, cases and trusses, Brent looks to his Gig Gloves for help.

“I need to keep my hands safe, clean and not worn out during load in and load outs,” Schmidt said. “When I got my first pair of Gig Gloves I was instantly shocked at how my hands felt after a load in. Now, I always have my Gig Gloves on hand and you’ll never see me doing a load in without them on.”

Brent said being able text without having to remove his gloves is key.

“No matter if it’s -30 degrees out or 100-plus, I can’t forget about the ability to text while still having my gloves on,” Schmidt said. “I can text crew members or performers without taking my gloves off! What a great glove to have!”

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