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Gig Gloves included in Guitar Player's Product Spotlight

Be sure to check out this month's issue of Guitar Player. You'll find Gig Gloves included way in the back as part of the Product Spotlight section. It may be small, but we'll take it anyway! Guitarists and bassists absolutely can benefit from using Gig Gloves when loading, unloading and setting up. Hurting your hand(s) before a gig pretty much ruins your gig right there, and it may even be serious enough to have to cancel the gig (and future gigs as well)! Wearing Gig Gloves ensures that you can keep your hands protected until your plugged in and ready to go. You can even tune your guitar with Gig Gloves on!

Go ahead and share this with all the guitarists and bassists that you know. Let them know that there should be a pair of Gig Gloves in their gig bag!