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The people have spoken....

...and they love Gig Gloves! The reviews on Amazon continue to pour in from happy customers and they're all 5-star reviews! C'mon, you're making us blush.

Five star reviews on

Five star reviews on

But seriously, we just knew once we could get Gig Gloves into, and onto, the hands of gigging professionals out there they would see the incredible benefit of using a purpose designed work glove and not just some generic , off the shelf wannabe. 

Here's some of what people are saying:

"These are wonderful. They are stitched really well and have a finger tip that easily slides down so you can still wear them and use the guitar..."

"...These gloves are real comfortable and easy to wear. I can tell these work gloves are made very well. They are high quality gloves that are both durable and strong. I think these should last a long time."

"...What an awesome pair of gig Gloves..."

Find out for yourself what all the hype is about. Get a pair of Gig Gloves on your hands right now!