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NAMM 2015 Has Arrived!

NAMM 2015 has finally arrived! The booth is set up and we're ready to meet and greet with the tens of thousands of attendees and place our flag within the realm of the Music Products industry. We're also thrilled to introduce our newly redesigned website. We think you'll like it. 

And of course, it also means we can finally announce our new product: Thermo-Gig Gloves! Thermo-Gig Gloves expand on the Gig Gloves product line by including all of the great features that the Original Gig Gloves have but with an added "complete coverage" layer of fleece that provides warmth and superb comfort for working on cold weather gigs. Check out all the information here

In the meantime, check out these pics of the Gig Gear booth after our completed setup on Wednesday, the day before NAMM begins.


Gig Gloves included in Guitar Player's Product Spotlight

Be sure to check out this month's issue of Guitar Player. You'll find Gig Gloves included way in the back as part of the Product Spotlight section. It may be small, but we'll take it anyway! Guitarists and bassists absolutely can benefit from using Gig Gloves when loading, unloading and setting up. Hurting your hand(s) before a gig pretty much ruins your gig right there, and it may even be serious enough to have to cancel the gig (and future gigs as well)! Wearing Gig Gloves ensures that you can keep your hands protected until your plugged in and ready to go. You can even tune your guitar with Gig Gloves on!

Go ahead and share this with all the guitarists and bassists that you know. Let them know that there should be a pair of Gig Gloves in their gig bag! 


Gig Gloves included in Music Inc. Magazine's "What to See" at NAMM!

We were very excited to see that Gig Gloves were included in Music Inc. Magazine's "What to See" section for the upcoming NAMM Show in Anaheim in their January 2015 issue. Gig Gloves are more and more becoming recognized as the industry standard in hand protection for gigging professionals and we can't wait to get in front of tens of thousands of more people as we count down the days until NAMM. And don't forget to Like Us on Facebook and Follow Us on Twitter as we'll be announcing our new product at the show. And be sure to put a pair of Gig Gloves on your hands for your next gig.

See you at NAMM!

Gig Gear LLC is very excited to be exhibiting at it's first NAMM Show this month in Anaheim, CA. The music products industry's premier trade show is sure to be an incredible experience and we hope it will further cement Gig Gloves as the industry standard in hand protection.

If you'll be attending this years NAMM Show, give us a shout and swing on by our booth which is in HALL D, Booth 2781 (we'll be the ones with the gloves on!). We'll be giving away a pair of Gig Gloves each day of the show (Thursday, 1/22 - Sunday 1/25) at our booth at 4:30 PM. Just swing by our booth and drop your business card in the bowl, and you're in the running!

Plus, don't forget we'll also be announcing the release of our new product. Make sure you come by the booth to check it out, or stay tuned here on our website here for news of the announcement. We'll also be posting updates from the show daily with cool news, pics and videos. 

Spread the word of Gig Gloves far and wide and let people know that they no longer have to compromise on safety, flexibility, comfort and ease of use when it comes to protecting your hands before and after gigs. And if you know someone going to NAMM, tell them to check out booth 2781!

Gig Gloves Now Available at the B&H Superstore!

Gig Gloves are officially in stock and available at the Photo/Video/Pro Audio Superstore, B&H in New York City and via their online shopping site. B&H is a leader in sales, service and training for their customers in all areas of photography, videography, pro audio and other tech industries for both amateurs and professionals alike. And now Gig Gloves are included in the products they offer to their customers worldwide. Be sure to check it out here, or by clicking the image below. And pick up a pair ASAP!

Gig Gloves now available at B&H

Gig Gloves now available at B&H

Gig Gloves Reviewed in Recording Magazine

Check out Gig Gloves in this month's RECORDING Magazine. Gig Gloves are included as part of the Holiday Buyer's Guide and reviewed by editor, Mike Metlay. We're glad Mike got great use out of the gloves and had great things to say about them. It was also great to see "Gig Gear" on the cover amidst all those other great music & audio manufacturers. 

Be sure to put Gig Gloves on your list of gift items this year. 

The people have spoken....

...and they love Gig Gloves! The reviews on Amazon continue to pour in from happy customers and they're all 5-star reviews! C'mon, you're making us blush.

Five star reviews on

Five star reviews on

But seriously, we just knew once we could get Gig Gloves into, and onto, the hands of gigging professionals out there they would see the incredible benefit of using a purpose designed work glove and not just some generic , off the shelf wannabe. 

Here's some of what people are saying:

"These are wonderful. They are stitched really well and have a finger tip that easily slides down so you can still wear them and use the guitar..."

"...These gloves are real comfortable and easy to wear. I can tell these work gloves are made very well. They are high quality gloves that are both durable and strong. I think these should last a long time."

"...What an awesome pair of gig Gloves..."

Find out for yourself what all the hype is about. Get a pair of Gig Gloves on your hands right now!


Gig Gloves Featured in This Week's Vnewsletter From Music & Sound Retailer

We're thrilled to share that Gig Gear LLC and Gig Gloves have been featured in this week's Music & Sound Retailer Vnewsletter, hosted by Jill Nicolini. The Retailer puts out a fantastic publication each month, and each week they produce a video newsletter with important products and stories of the week within the music products industry. Very happy to see that Gig Gloves can be included among the other great products that the Retailer features. Please do watch the whole report but if you want to see the feature on Gig Gloves go to approximately the 3:00 mark. 

Gig Gear LLC's Gig Gloves featured in the Vnewsletter hosted by Jill Nicolini.

A great song for a great cause, with special guest, 50 Cent!

Here's a chance to hear some great music and support an incredible cause at the same time. The band Men in My Head, for whom Gig Gear LLC founder, Danny Shatzkes, plays keyboards, just released a new single, Century Love. The song was recorded in collaboration with world renowned hip-hop artist, 50 Cent. Bandleader, Eddie Gindi, spearheaded the collaboration and also arranged for the release of the single to be sold in partnership with Century 21 Department Stores

All proceeds of the sale of the song, either via CD or download, will be donated to Tuesday's Children, an organization founded to promote long-term healing for all of those directly impacted by the events of September 11, 2001.  

Men In My Head with 50 Cent at the release of their single, Century Love, at the Century 21 flagship store in lower Manhattan.

Men In My Head with 50 Cent at the release of their single, Century Love, at the Century 21 flagship store in lower Manhattan.

In 2013, Men in My Head partnered with Tuesday's Children for the first time with the release of their #1 hit single, Survivor Tree. That song spent 21 weeks at #1 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales chart, and 23 weeks overall. The song also was the #1 best-selling CD single of 2013 in the US. In total, the sales of Survivor Tree raised $275,000 for Tuesday's Children.

The band, Century 21 and Tuesday's Children are all very excited to be working alongside 50 Cent this time around and everyone involved is anticipating that this collaboration will help to make Century Love be just as successful, and hopefully even more so, than Survivor Tree

Go ahead and purchase the song right now at the Century 21 website by clicking here.