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Gearing Up With...Stas Olshansky and Solvetech Productions

Brooklyn, New York-based SolveTech Productions keeps owner and audio engineer Stas Olshansky a busy man. His A/V company, which puts on events across the Tri-State area and sometimes even as far as Canada, runs sound, lighting and video production for a wide range of events, including weddings and conferences. When setting up for a new event, Olshansky always brings his Gig Gloves along... 

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NAMM 2015 Has Arrived!

NAMM 2015 has finally arrived! The booth is set up and we're ready to meet and greet with the tens of thousands of attendees and place our flag within the realm of the Music Products industry. We're also thrilled to introduce our newly redesigned website. We think you'll like it. 

And of course, it also means we can finally announce our new product: Thermo-Gig Gloves! Thermo-Gig Gloves expand on the Gig Gloves product line by including all of the great features that the Original Gig Gloves have but with an added "complete coverage" layer of fleece that provides warmth and superb comfort for working on cold weather gigs. Check out all the information here

In the meantime, check out these pics of the Gig Gear booth after our completed setup on Wednesday, the day before NAMM begins.