CAUTION: Products that provide hand protection can never completely prevent or completely eliminate the potential for any and all types of hand injuries and Gig Gear LLC cannot guarantee 100% prevention of hand injuries. Users are encouraged to always use caution and care using Gig Gloves and only use them for their intended use. Product users should conduct all appropriate testing or other evaluations to determine the suitability of Gig Gear LLC products for a particular purpose or use within a particular environment. It is the responsibility of a product user to assess the level of risk and to determine the protective equipment required or appropriate for the user's particular purpose. Over time, wear and tear is normal for gloves. Please be sure to inspect your gloves before each use to ensure they are not ripped, torn, have holes or are otherwise compromised. Gig Gear LLC may revise this information as new information, knowledge or experience becomes available. GIG GEAR LLC DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES OTHER THAN AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED.